Mobile treatment units

Industrialists may regularly or occasionally have cause to generate effluents that cannot be treated by the facilities on-site (owing to size constraints, inappropriate treatment, shutdown, etc.):

  • Washing water (chemical, high pressure, etc.)
  • Facilities drainage (technical stops, etc.),
  • Accidental pollution,
  • Drainage of tank and basins,
  • Depollution sites,
  • Landfill leachates,

CTP environnement has developed mobile, modular and automated solutions allowing on-site, low-cost treatment of these problematic effluents by substantially reducing the volume to be eliminated.

These mobile units provide appropriate, rational solutions, optimising the treatment of effluents that are incompatible with your discharge standards.

The effluents treated in this way are checked on-site before being:

  • Either disposed of in accordance with site standards,
  • Or recycled with special applications with a view to reducing water usage (e.g. recycling in cleaning application)

CTP environnement offers an extensive range of highly automated (with remote management) mobile units, enabling treatment of flows of between 0 and 1000 m3/h and all types of pollutants:

  • Physico-chemical and lamellar settling: CLEARFLOW ® process
  • Physico-chemical treatment and air flotation: AEROMOBIL ® process
  • Biological treatment: BIOMOBIL ® process
  • Skimming/De-oiling
  • Evaporation under vacuum
  • Tangential membrane filtration
  • Solid-water filtration (strainer, pocket, etc.) 
  • Sand filtering
  • Activated carbon adsorption (grain or powder)
  • Chemical oxidation
  • Sludge draining,
  • Sludge dehydrating (filter press, centrifuge)