Devising treatment solutions

Characteristics of your effluents

No matter the source of your effluents, CTP environnement can analyse them and interpret the findings to devise a variety of treatment scenarios. This characterisation can cover a wide range of pollutants and factor in:

  • Physico-chemical variables (pH, conductivity, turbidity and so on)
  • Ionic balance and main dissolved salts,
  • Organic compounds (COD)
  • Nitrogen compounds (NGL, NH4, NO3, NO2),
  • Phosphorous compounds (PO4, Ptot),
  • Suspended solids
  • Metals (Iron, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Chrome, Lead, Zinc...)
  • Miscellaneous micropollutants
  • Sludge types (microscopic observation) and quality (Dryness, VSS and DM content, etc.)

Additional analyses can be performed in partnership with laboratories accredited by COFRAC (French Committee for Laboratory Accreditation).

Treatability tests on pilot units

Our St Priest laboratory is equipped with pilot units for simulating the various treatments that can be performed on all types of effluents and aqueous waste:

  • Physico-chemical treatment (neutralisation, coagulation, insolubilisation of metals, flocculation)
  • Biological treatment,
  • Evaporation under vacuum (such as with heat pump and MSC)
  • Tangential membrane filtration (MF, UF or NF)
  • Solid-water filtration (strainer, pocket, sand, etc.)
  • Activated carbon adsorption
  • Chemical oxidisation or reduction
  • Sludge dehydration processes
  • And many more

Tests reports

Upon completion of the tests, a report will be produced to provide you with the information that you need to choose the most appropriate treatment. It will feature:

  • Descriptions of the tests conducted
  • The achieved results: feasibility and performances
  • A technical and economic comparison of the tested treatment types
  • Pre-sizing and technical recommendations
  • An eventual business project for:
    • Technical support to build or revamp an wastewater treatment plant
    • Implementation of our mobile treatment units

Since you project is unique, please enquire to get a specific response to your needs.