Cooling towers

The preventive and curative cleaning of cooling towers and their related systems presents an array of challenges:

  • Health and environment challenge: controlling the Legionella hazard, in-built management of sub-products, etc.
  • Challenges with regard to avoiding criminal charges and image damage: liability and damage to image in the event of contamination; damage to relationship with Regional Board for Research, Industry and the Environment (DRIRE), etc.
  • Technical challenges: efficiency of cleaning and related work, site safety, etc.
  • Economic challenges: limiting production shutdowns, maintaining performance, increasing equipment’s life span.

CTP environnement has been carrying out such operations for customers since the early 2000s, applying the recommendations of the Guide to Good Practices and in compliance with the bill of 13 December 2004 relating to:

  • Regulatory pre-disinfection
  • Complete draining
  • Mechanical and/or chemical cleaning
  • Disinfection

We work with trained staff who have the equipment needed to prevent risks.

We can also provide and fit wearing parts: lining (packing), eliminator plates (droplets catchers), spray guns, etc.